Leading technology

Mill panel heaters are equipped with cutting edge electric heating technology for tomorrow energy-efficiency requirements.


Generation 3 Mill WiFi panel heaters are equipped with PID control. PID technology draws on an intelligent algorithm to ‘dim’ the wattage control—there’s no on/off, on/off, just a gentle chugging to continuation at a sustained temperature. This reduces power consumption and makes temperature fluctuations a thing of the past. PID technology will be quite transformative for consumers home comfort and energy saving.

Illustration of how temperatures stay more even with PID-technology, compared to traditional heating.
The app will ensure the heaters turn on at the right time so you can walk into your home at your desired temperature.

Predictive heating

Generation 3 Mill WiFi heaters use machine learning to know when to turn on and off, adapting with ease to the slightest shift in your home environment.

Based on personalized app specifications, Mill WiFi heaters know when to start heating in order to achieve a desired room temperature. This function is called “predictive heating” since the heaters continually regulate and adjust heating temperatures to meet your needs. If, for example, you want your household temperature to be 23 degrees Celsius when you get home from work at 4 PM, register this specification in the Mill-app and the heater will take care of the rest.

Mill heat boost technology

This is a feature in Mill Gentle Air oil filled radiators. With its unique closed shape, Mill Gentle Air spreads the heat around the room a lot faster compared to traditional oil-filled radiators. This makes it heat up a room 29% faster, as the closed shape forces the hot air to rise faster, distributing the heat more efficiently. We call it Mill Heat Boost Technology.

Mill heat boost technology will heat more efficiently than traditional oil filled radiators.

Mill App

With the Mill app you can easily control heaters and air purifiers from your smartphone. The app makes it easy to turn on and off devices from wherever you are, making it energy efficient and convenient for consumers. In addition you can monitor temperature, energy consumption and air quality.

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